We sudoers love our omnipresence and omniscience, but there is one problem. Don’t you hate it when you command to install a “sudo apt-get update” or a “sudo rm -rf /” it just tells you: ~: sudo rm -rf / [sudo] password for lahat: What is that! it is boring and undermines the entire point […]

Howdy fellas. It has been years since my Minecraft addiction but sometimes I still need some colorful pixelation, and as my fight to make my GPU work and installing Steam (you will know when I win as I won’t post here anymore), I don’t have delicious retro like games to satisfy me. Then I’ll make […]

  So I entered an internal poster competition regarding my research, and lo and behold I was awarded a nice travel bursary. Now to choose where to go. I actually started doing the central figure and then put a poster around it. I  can make most of my points from just that image. Leaving my […]


Just a series of random triangles. With slight transparency. Yet somehow gives me a senesce of perspective. Next time I’ll try to make the triangles fit in a predefined space rather than fill a canvas.

A simple and fun no GUI form to browse and read your Zotero library.   Usage: zot [options] use -r to refresh and sync zotero library. Add query to search your database. Search results will be shown alongside an index number (if asterisc next to number then url is missing) add -n option and index number […]

I was trying to go to sleep when all of a sudden I started thinking about Fermat’s last theorem. This theorem relates to Pythagoras, If n=2 then we get the pythagorean theorem. If n=2, some results have all rational numbers such as a triangle with sides 3,4, and 5 : And with n=1 all solutions […]

Sometimes when you crawl through plots and analyses you home in across something that transcends its meaning. This is a gene expression network. It is rare that it is circular.   This was generated using BiolayoutExpress.  

Turns any terminal into a very useful way of writing code and scripts ~:whatchfile [file] [command] This will run the command every time the file is updated. It was lots of fun developing this tool and it served me quite well. The tool is just 17 lines long, making it a great value when accounting […]

A large zero filled matrix is gradually filled with circles. Each circle is randomly drawn and adds a 1 to the matrix. The outlying random landscape looks quite natural. After a while, it seems very static, but before you realize it, it will completely change.